Recorded on 10/13/2022

Inside the Metaverse Revolution with Venture Capitalist Matthew Ball

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Recorded on October 13, 2022.

The metaverse could generate as much as $13 trillion in revenue per year by 2030 according to Citi and KPMG. Meanwhile, Founder and CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang believes that the GDP of the metaverse will eventually exceed that of “the physical world.” In addition, McKinsey & Company estimates that corporations, private equity companies, and venture capitalists made over $120 billion in metaverse-related investments in the first half of this year.

What exactly is “the metaverse” and why is it already generating this kind of excitement decades before it will be fully executed? This complex and multifaceted question is one that venture capitalist and pioneering theorist Matthew Ball sets out to answer in his new book, The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything.

 We are pleased to welcome Ball to share his insights on the next Internet: what the Metaverse is and isn’t, what it will take to build, and how it will transform everything, including how we generate capital, communicate, and live. As Ball describes the next frontier for computing and networking, he will also shed some light into why the companies who lead it will have disproportionate influence over the global economy. There are already signs of this happening all around us, such as Facebook’s name change to “Meta” and Microsoft’s recent record-breaking $75 billion acquisition of the gaming giant Activision Blizzard to “provide building blocks for the metaverse.” Plus, six of the largest public companies in the world, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tencent, are also busy preparing for the metaverse as they reorganize internally, reconstruct their product offerings, and prepare multi-billion-dollar product launches. Governments from the U.S. to China are also quietly preparing for the coming “Metaverse” revolution by changing their policy platforms.

This informative and engaging session we help us prepare for the coming revolution that is poised to transform every industry and facet of existence, including finance, healthcare, education, consumer products, personal relationships, and entertainment. As Ball explains, the Internet will no longer be at our fingertips. Instead, it will surround us, generating trillions of dollars in new value while it radically reshapes our lives.


About Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball is the Managing Partner of EpyllionCo, which operates an early stage venture fund, as well as a corporate and venture advisory arm. In addition, Ball is a Venture Partner at the famed gaming investment fund Makers Fund, Industry Advisor to storied private equity giant KKR, and a co-founder of Ball Metaverse Research Partners, which creates and maintains the index behind the world’s first Metaverse ETF, the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF, which can be found on the New York Stock Exchange (Ticker: $METV). Ball is also an “Occasional Contributor” to The Economist, a producer behind Genvid Technologies’ Rival Peak, a more than three month-long interactive video event that was played by millions, and is an advisor to start-ups such as Dapper Labs, The Athletic, and more. From 2016–2018, Ball served as the global Head of Strategy for Amazon Studios, and prior to that was a Director at The Chernin Group’s Otter Media, a digital media investment company founded by long-time Newscorp COO and 20th Century Fox CEO Peter Chernin, and an Executive at Accenture Strategy. Ball holds bylines at New York Times, The Economist, and Bloomberg, and has been covered by those publications, as well as The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Vice, The Verge, CNN, CNBC, Financial Times, BBC, Globe and Mail, and others.

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