Why Now is the Time to Align on Your Philanthropic Vision

Cresset Capital Insights

With all of the challenges facing the world, philanthropy is more important than ever. In this video, Sandy Cardin, Senior Consultant of Philanthropy and Impact, shares his perspective on why …

Cresset - Year in Review - 2020 - The Year of the Black Swans

The Year of the Black Swans

Jack Ablin Market Commentary

2020 is a year we don’t like to think about, but it will be a year we’ll never forget. 2020 was defined by the arrival of a bevy of black …

Investments By Day, Training NBA Players By Night: The Insanely Busy Life of Dylan Kremer

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By Michael Thrasher, RIA Intel, 11/25/20 Around 6 a.m. most people are just waking up to prepare for their workday and at 6 p.m. they are heading home or there …

PE Partners | Tax Hikes Looming? It's Time to Prepare

Are Tax Hikes Looming? What Private Equity Partners Can Do to Prepare

Cresset Capital Insights

The tax storm clouds have been brewing for quite some time … and they appear to be getting darker. What’s gathering on the horizon is the likelihood of an increase …

PE Partners-Tax Exemptions - Use Them or Lose Them Now

Use It or Lose It: Why Private Equity Partners May Want to Use Tax Exemptions Now

Cresset Capital Insights

Many private equity partners realize it’s no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when taxes will go up. The answer could be sooner rather than later. …

Playing Offense and Defense: Financial Planning Strategies for Private Equity Partners

Eric Becker Insights

As a private equity partner, you no doubt have a tremendous amount on your plate. You spend countless hours taking care of your team, your limited partners, your portfolio companies. …

'46' in '21

’46’ in ’21

Jack Ablin Market Commentary

Now that President-elect Biden has presumptively captured the White House, Americans in general and investors in particular are anticipating what 2021 might bring. Former Vice President Biden will be 78 …

Top 5 Takeaways From Cresset’s Event With David Rubenstein

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Cresset hosted David M. Rubenstein – Co-founder of The Carlyle Group, philanthropist, TV host, and author of the new book How to Lead – as our guest on October 28, …

The Biggest Financial Risk

The Biggest Financial Risk

Jack Ablin Market Commentary

Say what you will about the policy implications of the election, the most vital financial risk facing the markets is higher interest rates. Since the early 1980s, monetary policy has …

Selling Your Business During the Pandemic

Selling a Business Amidst a Global Pandemic? Now What?

Bill Rudnick Insights

You’ve spent years building your business. After decades of hard work and sacrifice, you are finally ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and take some “chips off the …

Cresset Featured in Family Wealth Report for Focus on Direct Investments

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Among multi-family offices there is a tendency to shy away from direct investment opportunities. Not at Cresset. In the following Family Wealth Report article, Cresset Founder and Co-Chairman Eric Becker …