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Our team of experts has decades of experience dealing with high net worth families and their complex trusts.

We will work with you to ensure that your trusts are administered for the benefit of your family and future generations. Your Cresset team will provide a full spectrum of trust and estate advice that combines our financial, tax and administrative experience with thoughtful independence and objectivity. We help you develop creative planning solutions that will benefit your heirs for generations to come.

Our team members have broad experience with the complexities of how to balance the role of independent trustee with optimum family involvement to make investment and distribution decisions. We will serve as an objective advisor to individuals serving as co-trustee or sole trustee of revocable and irrevocable trusts in either a full or directed trustee capacity — providing them with guidance on the prudent investment, tax and administrative demands of their particular role.

Whether an individual is serving as a trustee, protector, investment advisor or distribution adviser, your Cresset team of professionals offers advice and guidance that is individually tailored to your unique family circumstances and asset holdings.

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