Dominic Messina

Vice President, Private Investment Specialist

About Dominic

Dominic Messina is a Vice President, Private Investment Specialist who established our private investment desk for the management and enhancement of our private investment onboarding experience and reporting. Dominic and his team provide white glove service to our clients by working closely with your advisor surrounding the private investment subscription process, funding, reporting and communications.

Prior to joining Cresset, Dominic worked as a Client Service Advisor with Evanston Advisors specializing in financial planning analysis, client relationship management, marketing and business development. The majority of Dominic’s career was as a Private Client Advisor for J.P. Morgan, where he managed affluent client relationships focusing on financial planning and risk management. Dominic served our country in the United States Army for over 8 years completing three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dominic holds a BS in finance from Columbia College and an MBA from the Graham School of Management at the University of St. Xavier with a concentration in financial planning. During his down time, he is an avid woodworker and custom furniture builder who enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and daughter at the horse farm where his daughter is an avid equestrian.