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An Idea To Build Something Different

What has allowed us to attract exceptional team members in the country has been our focus on building a brand with purpose and meaning, our culture, independence, shared ownership and technology – and our broad and growing ecosystem.

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A Growing Ecosystem

“To me, Cresset culture means the daily opportunity to collaborate and learn from some of the most talented entrepreneurs in the industry, while also developing life-long friendships with colleagues from across the country.”

Eva Greene

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Independence | Entrepreneurship | Ownership

Gain ownership in high-growth companies

Cresset is 70% employee owned. The other 30% is owned by our clients. We’re only beholden to success.

Expand into new markets

We encourage you to explore your expertise and get away from saturated markets.

Learn from your peers

We’re an open, collaborative environment that thrives on communication and promotes each other’s wins.

Make your own decisions.

If you love being told what to do from three layers of VPs, we’re not for you. Follow your talent and make your own choices.