Built by clients, for clients

About Cresset

Private equity entrepreneurs Eric Becker and Avy Stein founded Cresset Capital Management with a vision to reinvent wealth management and with a firm belief that clients deserve better. Cresset offers individuals and families access to a comprehensive suite of family office services, deeply personalized wealth management, investment advisory, planning and other services through Cresset Asset Management, an SEC registered Investment Advisor. Cresset Partners, our private investing group, offers clients direct access to real estate, private equity and other investment opportunities. Since Cresset’s inception in 2017, the firm has grown to eight offices throughout the United States.

Our Story

Our Co-Founders, Eric Becker and Avy Stein, spent decades as private equity investors, during which they started, nurtured, and backed over 150 businesses and raised more than $8 billion in funding. Prior to Cresset’s founding, Eric and Avy each experienced a life-altering personal event—a family death and a life-threatening illness—that changed the way they thought about their contributions to society and creating an impact.

As they explored their options for managing their own family wealth, they were struck by the limitations of existing wealth management approaches. In response, they funded a year-long research program in order to gain a deep understanding of the wealth advisory industry and of how wealth has been created in North America. Their journey yielded several revelations:

  • Personal wealth advisors do not typically offer the kinds of sophisticated advice and access to direct investments that have been available to Eric, Avy and their private equity colleagues
  • The ecosystem of ideas, solutions, and sophisticated talent enjoyed by institutions and the very largest family offices is not broadly available to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Many investment options are fraught with conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, excess fees and a limited ability to outpace public market returns
  • Digital reporting tools are not as simple and available as they should be

As business innovators, Eric and Avy did what they knew best: they built an employee-owned platform to deliver on their vision. Cresset was born.

Cresset’s Guiding Principles:

  • Truly put clients first
  • Embrace fee-efficient public investment solutions
  • Provide deep, comprehensive financial planning
  • Access institutional-quality direct private investment opportunities in ways that are expressly tailored to the needs of individual investors
  • Build a private firm in which employees act like owners because they are owners, and flexibility and customization replace bureaucracy and red tape

Cresset provides high-net-worth individuals and families with access to a range of sophisticated offerings and services previously only available to the largest investors.

In the short period since its founding, Cresset has grown to over $9.5 billion in assets under management. Cresset has employees in six cities providing clients across the country with efficient market access, differentiated goals-based financial and wealth planning, investment advisory services, estate and wealth transfer planning, trust services, banking and lending, and direct access to private investments and state-of-the-art family office services. Cresset: A firm built by clients, for clients.

We welcome you to become part of our story. Please contact us at info@cressetcapital.com.

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