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Rankings developed by Barron’s using proprietary algorithms. Awarded 9/15/23 for data as of 6/30/23. Cresset paid no application fee to participate.

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We advise entrepreneurs, founders, venture-backed and PE-backed executives, closely-held business owners navigating a business sale, and early team members at high growth tech companies.

How can I ensure that my tax situation is optimized when I have my liquidity event?
How can I streamline my personal and professional lives to better manage my time?
What are the proven best practices that can reduce risk and increase personal and business success?
How can I join a vetted community of other innovative and successful entrepreneurs?

Cresset Catalyst Clients

Working with pre-liquidity entrepreneurs in a variety of industries to help maximize liquidity events.

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The Cresset Catalyst Solution

Centralize your financial world to focus on what matters to you most.

Services We Offer

Cohesive strategies to unify liquidity planning, tax, estate, and wealth advisory.



Proactive Solutions to Minimize Tax Exposure



Pre and Post Transaction Strategies


Goals-Based Planning

Financial Independence Modeling and Portfolios


Business Sale Advisory

Structuring to Prepare for Life After the Transaction


Credit &

Pre-Negotiated Rates with Banking Institutions


Private Investments

Access to Direct and Curated Opportunities

When I was 28, after selling two businesses, I was turned down by one of the best-known Wall Street firms because I didn’t meet their minimum. That inspired the creation of Cresset Catalyst—a platform designed to support founders earlier in their journeys—working to help achieve milestones and maximize liquidity events.

Eric Becker
Eric Becker
Founder and Co-Chairman

Expert Insights

The Cresset Network

Join a community of entrepreneurs for insights and best practices for selling a business.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Laura Alber

Laura Alber
CEO, Williams-Sonoma

Suneel Gupta

Suneel Gupta
Entrepreneur & Founder of RISE

David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein
Founder, The Carlyle Group

Don Thomson

Don Thompson
Former CEO of McDonald's

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg
Fashion Entrepreneur
& Legend

Lindsey Vonn
Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Ski Team

Jim McKelvey

Jim McKelvey
Entrepreneur &
Co-Founder, Square

Ursula Burns

Ursula Burns
Former CEO of Xerox

Cresset is an Award Winning Family Office

Algorithm based on qualitative and quantitative data developed by SHOOK Research. Awarded 4/4/23 for data as of 9/30/22. Cresset paid no application fee to participate.

Barrons Top 100 RIA Firms Award

Rankings developed by Barron’s using proprietary algorithms. Awarded 3/15/23 for data as of 9/30/22. Cresset paid no application fee to participate.

Private Asset Management Awards

Independent judges make determinations based on industry recommendations and a submitted application. Awarded 2/17/22 for data as of 7/31/21. Cresset paid no application fee to participate.

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