Recorded on 02/27/2024

How to Achieve Peak Performance & Company Success

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How can you evolve into the kind of leader who inspires peak performance within your entire team? This perennial question, pondered by leaders throughout history, takes on new complexity in our modern, digital, and easily distracted world.  

To provide inspiration and actionable tactics on how to become a more effective leader, we are pleased to hear from high-performance psychologist David Greenspan and executive coach and organizational consultant Justin Follin. Both men have deep experience coaching CEOs and leaders on how to inspire their teams to think bigger, communicate better, and collaborate more effectively to achieve their goals. Drawing from client stories and research from their latest book, Be a Better Team by Friday: A Playbook for High-Performance Business Leaders, Follin and Greenspan share their seven proven practices to explain exactly what it takes to help your team members achieve peak performance.

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About David Greenspan

David B. Greenspan, Ph.D., founded BLUECASE Strategic Partners, a leadership development, strategic planning, and executive coaching consultancy headquartered in Austin, TX. BLUECASE is one of the best companies in the world at creating high performance leadership cultures. They specialize in cultural and leadership integration pre and post M&A. BLUECASE facilitates strategic planning and teaches managers and executives at fast-growing companies how to create seamless cross-functional collaboration, feedback-rich cultures, and high levels of engagement. David holds a PH.D. in High-Performance Psychology with expertise in why certain individuals and teams perform at exceptional levels, even in suboptimal circumstances. An expert in creating high-performance corporate cultures and teams, he is an energizing leader, coach, and facilitator known for his capacity to galvanize groups to generate breakthrough results. David has over fifteen years of experience working with senior executives at Fortune 100 companies and executive teams of fast-growing PE-backed companies and has helped four companies achieve billion-dollar valuations.

About Justin Follin

Justin Follin is a founding partner and CEO at BLUECASE Strategic Partners, and lead author of Be a Better Team by Friday: a Playbook for High-Performance Business Leaders. He is a lifelong student and teacher of what brings out the best in people, and a trusted advisor to CEOs and leaders in fast growth business sectors. As the co-founder and managing partner of BLUECASE Strategic Partners, Justin has successfully coached top leaders in fast-growing companies ranging from $20 Million and $2 Billion in annual revenue, and led hundreds of Executives, Directors, and Managers through cross-functional leadership development. Throughout his career, he’s coached public and private CEO's, business leaders, TEDx presenters, poker players, musicians, academic professors and athletes to perform at optimal levels. Justin graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a degree in Philosophy focusing on business and morality. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he plays music in his free time, does yoga, and beats the heat as often as he can at Barton Springs pool.


David Greenspan

David Greenspan

Co-Author, Founder and Chief Growth Officer, BLUECASE
Justin Follin

Justin Follin

Author and CEO, BLUECASE

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