Recorded April 29, 2021.

Mike Komaransky, one of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters and investors, began trading cryptocurrency just two years after it was invented. He began his distinguished trading career as a clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before joining DRW Holdings in 2001 where he later became a partner. While at DRW, he launched its cryptocurrency trading business Cumberland in 2014 – which quickly grew to become one of the top market makers in the sector. Mike left DRW in 2017 to launch and lead Grapefruit Trading, a small Chicago-based firm which specializes in providing liquidity in cryptos. Hear about Mike’s impressive trading career, how he first became involved in trading Bitcoin, what it was like to be one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency, and the metrics behind Bitcoin’s incredible rise.

About Mike Komaransky

Mike Komaransky is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies who received his first five bitcoins from the Bitcoin Faucet in June of 2010. He then proceeded to mine many more bitcoin from an old laptop before mining became the extremely competitive venture that it is today. At the time there were no exchanges or public prices so he made deals on online forums and met in person to purchase even more bitcoin. As the head of a trading desk, Mike saw a gap in the market which led him to start Cumberland Mining, the first institutional trading desk in the crypto space. Since then, Mike now runs his new crypto trading firm, Grapefruit Trading, as well as his family office, Komodo Bay Capital.