David M. Rubenstein, the legendary co-founder of The Carlyle Group and The New York Times bestselling author, interviewed some of today’s greatest investors in his new book, How to Invest. He shares insights from these global leaders in finance, including time-tested principles and tools that guide their practices. During this session, Rubenstein, who has spent more than thirty years in private equity, will discuss what he learned from these masters of investing, while also sharing his own hard-earned wisdom gained from investing in a variety of sectors including venture capital, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, cryptocurrency, and ESG. As he shares the investment strategies that have worked for him and other investors, he will also provide his perspective on the current state of the financial markets – including the possibility of a recession and where he thinks inflation is headed. Join us for a conversation that will transform how you approach investing.


About David M. Rubenstein

David M. Rubenstein is a co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private equity firms. Mr. Rubenstein is the author of the bestselling book THE AMERICAN STORY: CONVERSATIONS WITH MASTER HISTORIANS. He is Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Rubenstein is an original signer of The Giving Pledge and a recipient of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy and the MoMA’s David Rockefeller Award, among other philanthropic awards. The host of The David Rubenstein Show on Bloomberg TV and PBS, he lives in the Washington, DC area.