Recorded on 03/05/2024

Emerging Trends & Opportunities in the Art Market with International Experts Allan Schwartzman and Philip Hoffman

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Whether you are an enthusiast of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionism or prefer the more traditional paintings of the Impressionists, there is no doubt that art can not only add color to your life but also be a smart and profitable investment – and one that is growing in popularity. According to the 2023 Global Art Market Report from Art Basel and UBS, the global art market reached $67.8 billion in aggregate sales in 2022, up 3% from 2021. The survey also found that the U.S. continues to be the largest national market in the art trade. Last year, the U.S. held 45% of the total value share and saw a sales increase of 8% over 2021, bringing total U.S. sales to $30.2 billion.

To provide insight and guidance on the latest trends and opportunities in the world of art collecting, we are thrilled to welcome two globally recognized leaders in the art market: Allan Schwartzman and Philip Hoffman. Their respective companies, Schwartzman& and The Fine Art Group, have been providing guidance to influential and sophisticated collectors around the world for decades. In this session, Hoffman and Schwartzman, whose companies announced their affiliation in 2022, share their individual insights into everything from advice on first acquisitions and collection curation to art investment funds, philanthropy, and art financing.

About Allan Schwartzman

Founder and Principal of Schwartzman&, Allan Schwartzman has more than 40 years’ experience advising some of the world’s most influential and sophisticated collectors, informing their holdings of contemporary art, both individually and in conjunction with their stewardship of major museums. His art advisory firm also specializes in legacy planning and advisory work for artists and artists’ estates, museums, and civic & cultural initiatives. Allan was a founding curator of the New Museum in New York and has conceived and continues to oversee the artistic development of Inhotim, a museum in 5,000 acres of land in rural Brazil.

About Philip Hoffman

After founding The Fine Arts Group in 2001, Christie’s Auction house veteran Phillip Hoffman became the first art leader to successfully launch a series of eight art investment funds. Since then, The Fine Art Group has become established as an international leader in the art world. With a team of nearly 80 staff worldwide, Phillip’s company continues to be a leader in rare art investments and currently advises on some of the largest art funds in the world. Under Philips leadership, The Fine Art Group values and advises on over $20 billion annually, represents over 350 family offices in 28 countries, and has transacted over $1.4 billion dollars of artworks and jewelry.


Allan Schwartzman

Allan Schwartzman

Founder & Principal, Schwartzman&
Philip Hoffman

Philip Hoffman

Founder & Art Investor, The Fine Arts Group

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