In an interview with South Florida Business Journal published on July 11, 2018, Cresset Wealth Advisors’ Chairman Eric Becker discusses the firm’s major expansion into West Palm Beach’s CityPlace Tower. Cresset is looking to establish a local team of up to 40 people over time, including wealth advisors to focus on the area’s growing concentration of potential corporate and C-level executive clients as well as tech specialists to enhance the firm’s mobile platform. Becker says Cresset’s holistic approach to wealth management and succession planning makes it unique in the market and enables it to attract experienced wealth advisors, who find the opportunity to own an equity stake in the company very appealing. Becker indicates that Cresset is also interested in investing in local multifamily real estate development projects and in connecting with business owners who are looking to sell or raise capital. Cresset has rapidly expanded its AUM over the past year, which currently totals $2.7 billion.

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