Recorded on 04/08/2021

Art World 101: Collecting & Strategic Cultural Philanthropy

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Recorded April 8, 2021.

Hear from cultural philanthropy expert Melissa Cowley Wolf on art collecting and strategic cultural philanthropy. Named to the Artnet 2020 Innovators List as one of 51 global innovators transforming the art industry, Melissa walks us through how to most effectively access the contemporary art world; authentically engage with artists and galleries; start a collection aligned with your interests and investment strategies; and best achieve philanthropic impact.

MCW Projects LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to expanding the next generation of cultural philanthropists, advocates, and audiences by:

  • Advising organizations on philanthropic and narrative strategies to engage new audience and supporters.
  • Guiding the financial sector and rising philanthropists to create impact and legacy in the cultural economy.
  • Collaborating across industries to advocate for increased philanthropic support of the arts.

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About Melissa Cowley Wolf

Founder Melissa Cowley Wolf has 20 years of experience in philanthropy and programming for cultural institutions across the United States. Dedicated to re-imagining and democratizing cultural philanthropy to better engage diverse generations and audiences, she was named to the Artnet 2020 Innovators List as one of 51 global innovators transforming the art industry.

Melissa is also the director of the Arts Funders Forum, an advocacy, media, convening, and research platform designed to increase private support for the arts and develop new models of impact-driven financial support for the cultural sector.

Collaborators, clients, and partners include cultural organizations, museums, foundations, family offices, financial institutions, media companies, universities, galleries, artists, art fairs, auction houses, and corporations throughout the world


Melissa Cowley Wolf

Melissa Cowley Wolf

Cultural Philanthropy Expert and Founder of MCW Projects

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