Recorded on 04/05/2023

Financial Literacy Month: Money Biases

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Recorded on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

Listen to part one of our Financial Literacy Month which covers Money Biases. Featuring behavioral scientist Dr. Julie Miller. What does behavioral psychology have to do with your finances? Quite a bit. Learn about common money biases and how to leverage them to help reach your goals and avoid common financial pitfalls.

Click below to view the rest of our Financial Literacy Month Money & Mindfulness webinar series. In this series, we examine key financial literacy topics from a human nature lens, exploring how emotions and natural tendencies impact our decisions when it comes to spending, saving, giving, and planning for uncertainty. Topics include Budgeting & Credit, Prenuptial Agreements, and Philanthropy.

Check out last year’s financial literacy programs on the topics of Socially Responsible Investing, Purchasing a Home, Negotiations, and Taxes & Saving for Retirement.

About Dr. Julie Miller

Julie Miller is a leader in behavioral science with expertise across multiple fields including finance, healthcare, and tech. She spent years training and working alongside master behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Julie uses psychology and behavioral research to create novel, yet effective, solutions to practical problems (like not exercising, overspending, making flawed financial decisions, texting while driving, or working too much). Behavioral science helps companies and individuals to better understand what really drives behavior and to build systems that work with rather than against human nature so they can achieve their goals. Through clear definition of desired behavioral outcomes, intervention design, and primary and secondary research, Julie’s valuable insights and recommendations have led to key improvements and business success for many leading tech, financial, and healthcare companies (including several fortune 500 companies). Her work includes both academic and applied research with both well-established companies and startups. In addition, Julie has taught at several prestigious universities and led behavioral science talks and workshops at places like Google, CVS Health, Centene, and EPA. She serves on the advisory board for a few select organizations and startups, and has been partnering with Cresset on strategic initiatives since 2021.

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