Recorded on 03/16/2022

Inside the AI Revolution with Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

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Recorded on March 16, 2022. 

If you’ve ever asked Alexa to play a song, conversed with a chatbot while purchasing something online or watched a show Netflix suggested for you – you’ve experienced the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution firsthand. It’s a revolution that Eric Schmidt has both observed and contributed to over his many years in the ever-evolving tech industry. From his early days as the first software manager at Sun Microsystems, to the 16 years he spent as the CEO and Executive Chairman at Google, Schmidt has been a tremendous driving force behind the rapid progress in this pivotal space.

In his new book, The Age of AI: And Our Human Future – co-authored by former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and MIT dean Daniel Huttenlocher – Schmidt shares his perspective on the possibilities, and pitfalls, of AI. In this highly anticipated and dynamic session, Schmidt discusses many of the critical questions surrounding this transformative technology including whether it will ever transcend human intelligence, the danger it could pose in enemy hands, and how AI might change entire industries as well as how we experience reality. As Schmidt lays out a roadmap for how AI may be used in the future and what it all means, he offers us a glimpse into what many are calling the next era of human existence.

PURCHASE the age of ai: and our human future here.

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