Recorded on 04/18/2024

Investing in Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation with Andreessen Horowitz’s Bryan Kim

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Recorded on April 18, 2024.

AI has the potential to be the most impactful technological advancement of the decade, and perhaps of our lifetime. From revolutionizing industries to driving unprecedented innovation, AI’s pervasive influence is already having a real impact on our daily lives.

To kick off Cresset’s new “Meet the Manager” series, which features discussions with venture capital luminaries within our investment portfolio, we welcome seasoned investor and Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Bryan Kim, as he shares insights into a16z’s investment strategy, thesis, and involvement in pioneering AI advancements. Delve into the forefront of AI and gain valuable perspectives on the transformative potential of this cutting-edge technology and how it will shape the future of various industries. Moderating the conversation are Cresset Managing Directors and Venture Capital Portfolio Managers, Jordan Stein and James Danforth.

Cresset has been an investor in Andreessen Horowitz’s funds for years, including through our recently launched Fund ‘Ventures II’, which is currently open to investors.

About Bryan Kim

Bryan Kim (“BK”) is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he invests primarily in consumer and app-layer AI companies. Today, BK serves on the boards of BeReal and Snackpass.

Previously, he was chief financial officer at Bungalow, where he oversaw finance, business strategy, market expansion, and partnerships.

Prior, Bryan was at Snap, taking on leadership roles during the company’s pivotal hyper-growth, early monetization, and pre- and post-IPO years. As a senior director, he led the growth & product operations team responsible for Snap’s user growth and international expansion. Earlier at Snap, he built and led the company’s finance team from zero to 70+ team members and quarterbacked multiple funding milestones, including Snap’s IPO. He was also a founding strategy team member, having identified, acquired, and helped integrate Snap’s acquisitions of Lookersy (powering Snap AR Lenses) and Bitmoji.

Bryan was also a founding general partner at Uncommon Projects, an operator-run seed fund.

Bryan started his career in finance as an investment banker at Credit Suisse. He holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from Carleton College, and MBA from Columbia Business School.

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