Chicago – March 2, 2022Cresset Asset Management (“Cresset”) announced today that it has been recognized as a Certified Transparent Company by Transparency Technologies, LLC (“Transparency®”). Transparency® certifies companies that meet the highest levels of organizational transparency, measured by its six key performance indicators (KPIs): Transparency Standards®, Trust, Total Accountability, Transparent Cost Terms, and Truth. According to Transparency®, Certified Transparent Companies “meet the highest standards of verified transparency, accountability, and trust.” Cresset is the first financial services firm to receive this recognition.

“Certified Transparent Companies like Cresset prioritize culture and collaboration, while using innovation to serve clients. We couldn’t be more delighted to recognize Cresset’s continued commitment to transparency,” said Rainford Knight, CEO and Co-Founder of Transparency®. “Providing leadership in transparency will allow Cresset to continue to positively impact their clients and deliver a new paradigm for wealth management.”

Certified Transparency Company Transparency is at the core of Cresset’s operating model as a fiduciary, helping to ensure clients’ best interests always come first.

“Our commitment to transparency is what sets Cresset apart from other wealth managers who often have inherent conflicts of interest,” said Eric Becker, Founder and Co-Chairman of Cresset. “Being recognized as a Certified Transparent Company demonstrates our commitment to always doing what’s right on behalf of our clients.”

Listen to Eric Becker discuss transparency in this video:

Read the Press Release HERE.

About Cresset
Cresset is an independent, award-winning multi-family office and private investment firm with more than $23 billion in assets under management (as of 1/31/2022).¹ Cresset serves the unique needs of entrepreneurs, CEO founders, wealth creators, executives, and partners, as well as high-net-worth and multi-generational families. Our goal is to deliver a new paradigm for wealth management, giving you time to pursue what matters to you most.

About Transparency Technologies, LLC
Transparency Technologies LLC operates a digital platform accelerating the world’s adoption of Transparency. The company is engaged in the development, launch and expansion of Transparency enabled technologies. The digital platform comprises multiple verticals: research, certifications, financial indexes, education, surveys and rankings. Virtual digital platforms enable corporations and professionals to become certified as Transparency adopters and ambassadors. The digital survey technologies are dual factor authenticated trusted surveys enabling employees and consumers to openly voice opinions. The company’s proprietary algorithm, neural networks and web scrapers create the research platform to quantify organizational transparency. The company’s technologies analyze over 58,000 globally publicly traded companies creating a Transparency Funnel for performance impact-based indexes. The Transparency indexes incorporate Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainability standards and are licensed to third party asset managers and institutions. The company’s global technologies and products are applicable and scalable to all industries and all demographics.

[1] Cresset refers to Cresset Manager, LLC and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates. Cresset Asset Management, LLC, provides investment advisory, family office, and other services to individuals, families, and institutional clients. Cresset Partners, LLC, provides investment advisory services strictly to investment vehicles investing in private equity, real estate, and other investment opportunities. Cresset Asset Management, LLC, dba Berman Capital Advisors, and Cresset Partners, LLC, are SEC registered investment advisors.