Recorded on January 13, 2022.

Listen to this conversation with lifestyle expert Jim Karas and his daughter Olivia Karas – four-time all-American gymnast – as they shared their shared story of becoming and raising a Division-1 Athlete, as told in their new book Confessions of a Division-1 Athlete: A Dad and Daughter’s Guide to Survival. Hear personal accounts of the physical, emotional, and mental health challenges that come with the pressure of being in the spotlight. With challenges at every turn, learn how to overcome barriers and balance life as a student and athlete. This conversation offers tips for athletes, parents, and coaches to navigate the ups and downs of being an elite athlete, manage mental health, and set boundaries to survive the dedication and discipline it takes to become a champion athlete.

About Jim Karas

Jim is a Lifestyle Expert who combines his education gained at the Wharton School of Business with over 34 years of invaluable experience helping people look and feel their very best. Jim feels and looks at least 10 years younger, a testament to his ability to understand, maintain and improve the human body. His energy and passion permeate everything he does, from personal training, television appearances, and speaking engagement, to his #1 New York Times best-selling books.

About Olivia Karas

Olivia works in Public Relations and Corporate Communications for Brooklyn-based design agency, Huge. She also continues her ties to gymnastics by being a Big Ten Network commentator and working at numerous gymnastics camps all over the country. Plus, she was there, in person, in April 2021 when her Michigan team won its first – ever – NCAA Championship.